SilenGen Soundproofed Shelters

Génératrice Drummond manufactures customized SilenGen soundproofed shelters in compliance with the standards of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).

The unique design of these shelters allows the reduction of noise levels to 55 dBA.

Consequently, it is possible to install diesel engine generators in areas where regulations require very low noise levels, such as:

  • Residential areas,
  • Data centres located in urban areas,
  • Universities,
  • Near hospitals.

Available in many sizes and tailored to your needs, these shelters also protect generator sets from bad weather to ensure start-up in all conditions, even in hard to reach places.

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Technical Specifications

  • Heavy-duty, durable 14-gauge steel construction
  • Designed to withstand the Canadian climate
  • Polyester powder paint using electrostatic application, providing unmatched corrosion resistance for a lasting finish
  • Stainless hardware (hinges, handles, and bolts)
  • Lockable access doors with superior seals
  • Hold-back hooks for each door
  • Exhaust system installed inside the shelter
  • Acoustic and thermal insulation with a 1 ½ inch of foam or 4 inches of wool fibreglass
  • Vertical ascending air inlets and outlets equipped with bird screens
  • Low air intake speed limits infiltration of rain and snow into the shelter during operation

Noise Level of Shelters

Information on noise tests:

  • Position of the microphone: 1-8
  • Distance of the microphone: 7 metres away from the shelter wall
  • Height of the microphone: 1 metre
  • Unit of measure: dBA sound pressure

Note: The data are taken at full load.


  • Accessories and power distribution (120/240V or 120/208V, 1 Ø, 3 Ø)
  • Unit heater
  • Emergency stop button on the outside of the shelter
  • Emergency lighting (50 lux, 2 h)
  • Inside 100-W incandescent lighting with switch
  • Outside high-pressure sodium lighting with photocell
  • Set of accessories to meet the requirements of CSA C282-05 standard
  • Vent and refueling outside the shelter
  • Strobe-emergency light indicating operation or failure
  • Available as standard in gray and black, choice of colours is an option
  • Transient voltage surge suppressor (TVSS)
  • Motorized shutters (spring-opening for intrinsic safety)
  • Other accessories available upon request